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Protect Your Majestic Curls In Style

Protect Your Majestic Curls In Style

Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand
- Oscar de la Renta -

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Why Silk is an Investment?

This luxurious thread survived thousands of years serving the royalty making it the Queen of fabrics. Out of all the naturally derived fibers silk protein fiber has the smoothest texture making it very hard for the dust and dirt particles to accumulate inside.

It does not conduct heat which simply means that wearing silk would not make your head feels like it’s on fire during summer or a mobile refrigerator in winter.

Most curlies have out of this world curls after a shower but after a goodnights’ sleep they will come across what we call as curly Girls nightmare, also known as Frizz. The culprit is the friction caused by lack of sleep protection. Night time sleep protection wear made out of silk will preserve your juicy clumps while protecting them from breakage thus leading to healthy hair.

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