• Why Mulberry Silk is Considered the BEST!

    Why Mulberry Silk is Considered the BEST

    The Queen of all Silk's, the Mulberry Silk. What exactly is Mulberry silk, and why is it so unique? Continue reading to find out why you should get one for yourself!

    One of the most sought-after silk materials is mulberry Silk. It will offer you the luxuriously refreshing sensation you deserve because it is sleek and spotless. This is because one of the strongest natural fibres in the world was created by silkworms fed mulberry leaves. This sort of Silk is much more precious because of the drawn-out, laborious procedure of nurturing them in controlled surroundings. You probably were unaware of this amusing little fact, right? Sericin, a silk protein...

  • 40 Curly Bangs That Will Make You Want Bangs Now

    Curly bangs hairstyle
    No matter your curl type or texture, you may wear bangs; choosing the perfect fringe for your face shape is key. Bangs were once thought to be a straight hairstyle. Finding a mix of styling methods and products that will both accentuate the bangs and make them fit in with your present hairdo is the most challenging part of having curly bangs. So now that you have 40 curly bangs photos to look at, you'll be able to see which one you want to try out. So go on, get your curly bangs sorted!
  • Winter Must Haves for Curly Hair

    winter must haves for curly hair Australia

    As the temperature lowers and our long, sunny beach days fade into memory, this time of year brings new obstacles for most wavy-curly-haired folks. This season, our most significant issue is how to keep moisture in hair while it is dry. However, as we count down the days till spring, your hair can withstand the long, gloomy winter season with a few modifications, the appropriate products, and a decent regimen.

    To enhance how your hair behaves throughout the chilly winter months, learn to regulate the moisture in your hair to retain its bounce and volume. Here are some helpful hints for getting your hair ready for winter.

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