40 Curly Bangs That Will Make You Want Bangs Now


40 Photos That Will Make You Want Curly Bangs

If you're anything like me, you grew up thinking that you couldn't ever wear bangs since you had curly hair. You wished for fringe and all the haircuts you would never wear for years. Then, if you're anything like me, you cut them yourself and let them grow for two whole years before cutting them again. Here's the thing: Whoever told me curly-haired females couldn't grow bangs was lying, despite all that.

Nothing transforms your curls from boring to fabulous with a few chops as a decent pair of bangs. Bangs have become quite popular this season as more and more naturalistas boldly sport curly bangs (without using a straightener) to show off their gorgeous texture. Celebrities like Zendaya and Rihanna have been spotted rocking the fringe, whether they are growing it out, keeping it short, or stacking it on top of a traditional set of curls. Let's take a look at the 40 pictures below and get inspired!

Fringed Curly Pixie

 Curly bangs trendy hair style


 We adore this cut precisely because it defies all the "rules" for curly hair. This piece-y spiral fringed ultra short pixie is edgy and playful. Heaps advises keeping to a trim plan and seeing your hairdresser every four to six weeks if you have a certain length you want to maintain (depending on how fast your hair grows). Also, ask your stylist whether the salon you frequent offers complimentary bang trims between haircut sessions.

Longer Bangs on a Mid-Length Shag

 Curly bangs trendy hair style


For a curly texture with somewhat longer bangs that brush the eyebrows, a mid-length shag is appropriate. The secret to caring for your bangs is an excellent air-dry, adds Scarlett, "just like the rest of your curly hair.

Fringe on a drape

 Curly bangs trendy hair style


 You may wear curtain fringe separated down the centre if your hair is on the wavier side. For example, the bangs of Georgia May Jagger almost touch the jawline.

Ringlets All Over

 Curly bangs trendy hair style


Zendaya has bangs that are also curly and a full head of swirling ringlets. Richman advises having your bangs trimmed when your hair is still holding the texture you usually wear. Of course, you can always trim them a bit shorter, but if you go too short, there's no turning back.

The Present Mullet

 Curly bangs trendy hair style mullet


A really modern interpretation of the mullet is this top-heavy haircut. Mullets, once a throwback to the 1980s, are now full of volume and couldn't be more in style.

Bob Wet-Look

Curly bangs trendy hair style Rihanna 


It's not necessary for the fringe to go horizontally over the forehead. A few shorter bits that fall over the apples of Rihanna's cheeks in her wet-look bob give the largely single-length style more depth.

Front Fringe

Curly bangs trendy hair styles


Side-swept bangs, like the one Sandra Oh is sporting in this photo, are a little bit simpler to maintain than straight-cut bangs. The secret to curling bangs, Scarlett advises, is to start cutting them extremely long—to your cheekbones at the very least—regardless of the style you're looking for. Reevaluate as you go and keep an eye on the direction of your natural curl.

Continuouss Layers

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles


We adore how these "seamless layers" and short, jagged bangs breathe new life into lifeless curls. If your hair tends to be dull, Marjan advises spritzing a shine serum and scrunching it into your strands.

Raised Roots

Curly bangs trendy hair styles raised roots


Rita Ora has an old Hollywood actress look with her raised roots and beautifully curled side bangs. For a special event, if your hair isn't naturally curled, you may create this style with a curling iron and some hairspray.

Bangs With An Afro texture

Curly bangs trendy hair styles afro hair 


When it comes to bangs, there is virtually no ceiling. You can definitely sport a fringe, and it looks wonderful if you have really curly or afro-textured bangs. Well-placed balayage highlights give this big, voluminous cut a lift.

Wavesa with a retro pin curl

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles


The pin curl appearance of Janelle Monae's fluffy waves is classic. We like the gentle waves that caress her forehead and the rounded, cloud-like form that her hair assumes as it spreads from her head.

Unsteady Ringlets

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles


Jasmine Sanders has a stylish, choppy look because of her raised roots and wispy blonde ringlets. Scrunch a texturizing spray into wet or damp hair to give your curls some texture.

Countless Layers

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles


Without the time and effort required for shaping, short, choppy layers can give the appearance of a side-bang.

Petite Bangs

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles


The baby bangs and curling lob on Yara Shahidi are very stylish and classic. Be ready to adjust your bangs: According to Mills, "if there's one curl or piece of hair out of place, simply touch it up with a curling iron to get the curls moving in the appropriate way." Depending on how adept you are with an iron (keep in mind you are quite near to your face), I would suggest doing this in a medium setting.

Bangs With Braid

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles braids


You can still have bangs if you're wearing protective braids. Lupita Nyong'o shows off a chic braided bang with a twisted up 'do and embellishment beads on the fringe.

Small Spirals

Curly bangs trendy hair styles 


With bangs, Kerry Washington's micro-curls look great. It's crucial to pay attention to the natural fall of your curls from day to day, advises Heaps. Styling fringe might be more difficult if a customer has several cowlicks.

Miniscule Bangs

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles


The barely-there baby bangs worn by FKA Twigs are not for the fashion timid, but they are amazing. The very top of her forehead is framed by tiny wispy curls, while the rest of her locks are piled up in a jagged updo.

Frosted by the wind

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles


Although Lily Collins' windswept bangs almost appear to be a successful fashion accident, a lot of work was probably put into making them look that way. Suppose you need to style your dry hair. When you're ready to clip each curl separately, diffuse the front strands forward, so they dangle on the face.

Coastal Bangs

Curly bangs trendy hair styles balayage


Follow Lizzo's lead for a beachy interpretation of wavy bangs. The wave in her bangs reflects the free curls that fall beyond her shoulders. More holiday feelings are added with sun-kissed balayage.

Hairstyle Triangle 

Curly bangs trendy hair styles 


The "intentional triangle" is what the stylists at Brooklyn, New York's Mousey Browne Salon refer to as. Those with curly hair frequently scoff at the dreaded "triangle hair," but this example shows that it may be done on purpose and still look fantastic.

Side Waves

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles


A wonderful method to add curls to an extremely short pixie hairstyle is with finger waves. In Rowan Blanchard's interpretation, her bangs are lifted off of her face by a subtle face-framing curl, which also enhances the antique opulence of her appearance.

Extras-large curls

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles


Natasha Lyonne very much always has her trademark huge curls and wavy fringe on display, trends be damned. Have your stylist hold the curl's end while gently cutting downward with the shears facing down (while they slowly open and shut their shears), Marjan advises, to make the ends lighter. As a result, your curl pattern will be more clearly defined and lighter around your face. 

Imaginary Bangs

 Curly bangs trendy hair styles


Not prepared to commit to the maintenance required by curly bangs? Put the ends of your curls in a tight ponytail and wear them over your forehead like fringe to simulate them.

Busty Bangs

Curly bangs trendy hair styles 


The way Tracee Ellis Ross' bangs are fluffed up contrasts well with her sleek bun. You don’t to straighten your hair to get this style, but you'll want to have enough of gel and hairspray on hand to hold your strands in place. The more curly, the better in terms of bangs!

Straight bangs with a curl

Curly bangs trendy hair styles


With a more contemporary twist on straight bangs and a curly base, channel the early 2000s. The bright pink tint and deeply shaded roots on Maisie Williams give her a tough look. 

Longest Shag Ever 

Curly bangs hair style long hair


Cute bangs that gently curve away from the face are featured on this long shag cut. As curly hair shrinks into itself and bounces up when cut, Marjan advises going for two inches longer than you expect, then working your way down to shorter lengths if necessary. 

Centrally Split Fringe

Curly bangs hair style 


With good reason, the middle portion is fashionable. It's both contemporary and vintage, and Tessa Thompson proves that it can be used on both straight and curly hair. We adore her tiered ends and brow-grazing fringe.

Textured, wild bangs

Curly bangs hair style


There is a lot of texture in Juno Temple's full head of curly hair with chopped bangs. Using a curl refreshing spray, which won't weigh them down and gives them new energy in the morning, is the secret to maintaining your bangs in peak condition in between washes, according to Scarlett. 

Cultivated Fringe

 Curly bangs hair style


A lovely, grown-out '70s fringe frames the face and blends effortlessly into the piled waves flowing over the shoulders in this ash-brown ombré by stylist Cherin Choi.

Short Fringe that Cascades

Curly bangs hair style 


Actor Joey King has a close-cropped pixie cut with short, curling bangs that flow across the forehead in sections from shortest to longest. Without leaving behind a crunchy cast, a light mousse may offer lift and shape.

Curls in geometry

 Curly bangs hair style


The broad, geometric form of Solange's edgy curls has a part elevated at the crown for a very '80s look that harmonizes nicely with her natural hair. We adore the micro bangs that frame her forehead in particular.

Bob in circles

 Curly bangs hair style 


We're not sure how to adequately characterize Alison Brie's seductive curly hairstyle. Round bob? Stylish bowl cut variation? In either case, her flawless ringlets and smeared black eyeliner are completely cool and seductive.

Boop Bangs Betty

 Curly bangs hair style


With a simple, big bow knotted around the top, Alia Shawkat's Betty Boop bangs need very little grooming and look adorable. Richman advises using a lightweight primer with thermal protection regardless of length if your hair is prone to damage. Before applying a diffuser, he recommends using a Primer and twisting the curls with your finger.

Tight Curls with Fringe

Curly bangs hair style 


The hairdressers at Mousey Browne give these tight, layered red curls the bang treatment. The dry cut method is the secret to the majority of significant curly cuts, including this one. When your curls are at their purest length, look for a hairdresser who will work with dry hair.

Sharp Bangs

 Curly bangs trendy hair style


You don't need to tidy your bangs in any way; we hope to have more than demonstrated by this point. A charming, contemporary interpretation of the straight bangs/curly body contrast is Kat Graham's adorable, razored fringe and long ombré waves.

S-shaped long fringe 

 Curly bangs trendy hair style


Follow Ilana Glazer's lead and show off your texture with slightly longer bangs. Even if you didn't wash your hair, Richman warns that you might need to restyle your bangs in the morning. Carefully wet them and pat them dry with a cotton t-shirt. (it leaves the cuticle smoother as your hair dries).

Totally Natural

Curly bangs trendy hair style 


The curls on @majesticurl are 100% natural. Believe me, they are. This is by far the perfect curly curls you can get.

Twist Faux Hawk

Curly bangs trendy hair style


A very original approach to arranging medium- or long-length curls is Storm Reid's curly faux-hawk. A lengthier bang that extends just over her eyebrows is created by the jagged front fringed pieces.

50 a Down, 50 Up 

Curly bangs trendy hair style 


Half-up, half-down hairstyles look fantastic with curly bangs. Also, this wavy, loose triangular fringe is gorgeous.

Francois Bob

Curly bangs trendy hair style 


With flipped-out bangs and loose, wispy curls at the ends, this French bob is chin-length.


No matter your curl type or texture, you may wear bangs; choosing the perfect fringe for your face shape is key. Bangs were once thought to be a straight hairstyle. Finding a mix of styling methods and products that will both accentuate the bangs and make them fit in with your present hairdo is the most challenging part of having curly bangs. So now that you have 40 pictures to look at, you'll be able to see which one you want to try out. So go on, get your curly bangs sorted!

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