5 Best Ways to Sleep Better and Faster


5 Best Ways to Sleep Better and Faster

Ever craved a long, peaceful, and undisturbed good nights sleep? One where youll get up and be ready to face the world out there. Falling asleep at night can be a hassle for some of us night owls, as we rather stay up all night on Netflix, but let's not forget the importance of sleep. Our bodies need to be well-rested at times and it's our duty to help them out a bit. 

Well, Im going to share my five daily sleeping aids which I use daily. It's pretty easy and not some complicated formula, dont worry ladies. I will guide you through this and share my top-secret bedtime sleep routine with you.

1. Use a Silk Pillowcase

First off, you need NEED a super comfy pillowcase. Your head needs something cozy to lay on and pass out. After several attempts at buying different pillowcases, I stumbled across the perfect one. And when I say perfect, oh I mean perfect. The 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase by Majesticurl is beyond perfection. Not only is this the ideal sleep companion but as it's a silk pillowcase, it works miracles for your hair and skin too. Reduced split ends and friction damage are only a few of the advantages. Less oil and moisture absorption from your hair and skin, allowing them to stay hydrated. Eliminates face skin stretching and straining to prevent wrinkle growth. Material that is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust, grime, and a few other allergies. So go grab yourselves one of these!

2. Magnesium Oil

My next one is Salt Lab Magnesium oil spray. It is referred to as the most powerful relaxation mineral in the entire world. Magnesium has a relaxing impact on your nervous system and relaxes your muscles, making it simpler for you to fall asleep. The nervousness that keeps you awake at night, as well as restless legs syndrome, might be caused by a magnesium deficit. Magnesium oil may also help you have a better night's sleep by increasing the length and quality of your slow-wave sleep. It's pretty easy to use too. Just spray about 7 sprays onto your stomach, legs, or back area around 15 minutes before bedtime and massage the oil gently, letting it dry up before covering it up. Get ready to experience total relaxation.

3. Dusk Sleep Assist Essential Oil Blend

Sleep may be improved using some natural approaches such as essential oil. I use Dusk Sleep Assist Essential Oil Blend. Certain essential oils, when used correctly and in the appropriate amounts, may transport you to a state of bliss! A few drops are generally all that is required, and methods of ingestion include air diffusers, steam from boiling water pots, or simply massage into the skin. Be transported with the scents of Lemon, Lavender, Bergamot & Eucalyptus which is what the Sleep Assist Essential Oil is made of. This fragrant combination relieves stress and anxiety, allowing you to sleep better. It's the ideal smell for unwinding and relaxing before your bedtime.

4. TMRW Sleep trainer 

The TMRW Sleep trainer is one heck of a device that puts you to sleep in an instance, just like magic. This device is a non-invasive technique to retrain your body and mind to sleep more soundly. It helps your body to rest by using soothing tones and hypnotizing responding light, making it simpler to slip into a deeper slumber. Simply lay in your bed, turn the gadget on, breathe in deeply while the soothing orange light contracts in a circular motion, then reverse. Allow the relaxing orange light provided by the gadget to guide your breathing. Just match your breathing to it. You have greater energy, attention, and tranquillity after a good night's sleep. The sleep trainer isn't just a quick remedy for insomnia. Use it to retrain your body and mind so that you get a decent night's sleep every night. This is the perfect device I would say and highly recommend it.

5. Read a few pages of a book 

One of my favourites is opening up one of my books, which I always keep at my bedside table, and having a good read of a few pages before I hit the hay. Oddly enough, it helps me relax my mind and cracks open a yawn. No one can dispute that books may help you dream big at any time of day or night. However, plowing through the pages of a book before night may help you unwind before crawling between your blankets. Reading before bed, then, may help you have a good night's sleep and perhaps have more fascinating dreams. 

how to have a better and faster sleep

So there you have it, my top-secret tips on how I enjoy a good night's sleep. And let me add a tiny bonus one for all of you. This one is super super secretive but I'll share it. It's for all your curly divas out there, including myself. I use the 100% pure mulberry silk bonnet to keep my curly curls all tucked in so it does not get ruined while I toss and turn in my sleep. Knowing that my curls will be safe and ready for the next day, helps my sleep even better as I know my curly curls are going to be rocking it out the next morning.

Do follow these simple and easy tips for a better good night's sleep. Trust me, I have used all these methods for quite some time now and it works! It really does work! 

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