Winter Must Haves for Curly Hair

Winter must haves for curly hair Australia

As the temperature lowers and our long, sunny beach days fade into memory, this time of year brings new obstacles for most wavy-curly-haired folks. This season, our most significant issue is how to keep moisture in hair while it is dry. However, as we count down the days till spring, your hair can withstand the long, gloomy winter season with a few modifications, the appropriate products, and a decent regimen.

To enhance how your hair behaves throughout the chilly winter months, learn to regulate the moisture in your hair to retain its bounce and volume. Here are some helpful hints for getting your hair ready for winter.


Always deep condition your hair

This is one of the most crucial suggestions. If you're not protein sensitive, fortifying your hair with nutrition, hydration, and protein will help prevent breakage and brittleness while keeping our waves nourished. These are necessary for healthy hair all year. Still, I can get away with deep conditioning less frequently in the summer, generally once a week. Use a Flaxseed Deep Conditioning Heat Cap to enhance this method. Its heat helps substances penetrate the hair follicles more effectively, leaving your hair feeling tight and velvety. Because my waves are prone to dryness, I will use a deep conditioner every wash as the weather turns colder, or at least once a week. 

Dry hair should never be combed with fine tooth combs

scalp massager biodegradable wide-tooth comb

Dry curly hair should never be combed or brushed with a fine tooth comb by curly girls, but it's an even more enormous no-no in the winter. Instead, use a non-plastic wide-tooth comb in the shower after conditioner if you need some assistance combing through your tresses and making sure each strand gets conditioner. Majesticurl biodegradable Wide-tooth Comb is good for the environment, other benefits include: anti-static, so your hair strands don't get attracted to the comb causing frizz, gentle on hair, reduces breakage and split ends, minimises hair loss, encourages hair growth, and helps reduce dandruff and itchy scalp. 

Use the Clever curl gel for dry weather

In a dryer environment, the humectant qualities in Clever curl dry weather gel offers a solid cast and draw additional moisture to your curls. As well as it helps textured hair retain moisture between washes. This implies it's fantastic in a dry climate! The gel is ideal for anybody just beginning their curl adventure and requires a lot of moisture and hydration, colour or lightens their hair regularly, swims on the beach or pool, or works in dry and air-conditioned conditions.

Seal up your ends

Some wavies, like myself, use the LCO Method (leave-in, cream, oil) all year. If you don't regularly use oil to seal your hair, this is a great time to start. By sealing the hair with an oil, you're locking in the moisturising components of the conditioner and style products beneath it. And it keeps out the elements, such as dry air from the exterior or indoor heaters.  

Invest in a humidifier/Incorporate steam

Please allow me to introduce you to your new best friend! A humidifier will be a lifesaver for your curls. They provide moisture to the air, so you'll feel a difference in your hair and skin due to the extra moisture. Instead of waking up with straw-like hair, your hair will have retained a significant amount of moisture from the humidifier, making it much simpler to work with in the morning! Because steam is basically wet water, and water gives hair hydration, this is especially crucial in the dry, low-humidity winter air. On the second and third days of hair, steam with a leave-in conditioner or a moisturising lotion will moisturise the hair while reviving drooping waves. Steaming your hair to freshen it in the winter might also help you go longer between washes.

Use a Satin Lined Beanie 

Satin lined beanies for curly hair to reduce frizzy hair Australia

You may now bask in the pleasure of satin all day. Beanies with satin lining are a thing, and if you have curly hair, you'll need one. Our Majesticurl Satin lined beanie gives your abundant hair enough room to roam about without tangling. Our beanie with a silky satin inside protects your hair strands from wind, cold, and humidity. A lovely pom-pom is included to give some flair. You understand if you've ever felt embarrassed after removing your hat and appearing like you poked your finger in a light socket. Curly ladies shouldn't have to freeze to keep their hair safe, so do our little ones. This season, Majesticurl introduces Kid's satin lined beanies for our little cheekies and they'll be the cutest things you'll see in this season.

Short and sassy is the way to go

In the frigid winter months, shorter curly hairstyles can provide more styling options. In warmer, summertime regions, longer curls are sometimes simpler to maintain – especially if you have time to dry your long hair! As a result, consider reducing the weight of curly hair and allowing for a more significant bounce in even the loosest waves or curls. Save the length for the summer, when there is more moisture in the air, and go a little shorter in the winter. Also, check out our blog article, reasons why you have frizzy curls and how to tame them to help you minimise the frizz.

 Use a diffuser to cut down drying time and some volume

To create volume, lean over and hang your hair front for a minute while scrunching product into your hair. Some of our curlies even do it for the whole of their favourite song! This will assist tighten loose curls, deepen the curl's "S" pattern, and give your curls more volume and bounce. Also, using a diffuser on a low setting and warm to cold temps will assist speed up the drying process without disrupting the curls. 


A bonus tip!

In the winter, it's typical to have a dry scalp, so Jen from The Curl Store recommends paying extra attention to your scalp and keeping it moisturised. In addition, quality scalp elixirs and mild washes, such as Boucleme Dry Scalp Serum and Inahsi Naturals Hair & Scalp Elixir, might help relieve symptoms.


So there you have it, ladies. Here are a few handy curly girly hair tips on surviving the cold winter coming your way. By following these simple and easy techniques, you'll be able to lock your curls in the whole winter and have yourself a very curly full winter experience.


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