• How to Remove Product Buildup from Scalp

    Apple cider vinegar wash to get rid of product buildup from the scalp

    Natural oils on the scalp are fantastic because they moisturise your hair, keep it lustrous, and even promote general scalp health. If you've ever gone a day or two without washing your hair properly, chances are you've had some buildup, where those formerly lovely natural oils, coupled with grime, dead skin, and germs, amass and wreak havoc on your tresses. What happens if you mix in certain stylers, dry shampoos, and hair care products? It's even easy to collect the nasty grime.

    Ladies, youre not alone if you have a problem with scalp accumulation. Here, I delve into all you need to know about the problem: why it occurs,...

  • 5 Best Ways to Sleep Better and Faster

    How to sleep better and faster

    Ever craved a long, peaceful, and undisturbed good nights sleep? One where youll get up and be ready to face the world out there. Falling asleep at night can be a hassle for some of us night owls, as we rather stay up all night on Netflix, but let's not forget the importance of sleep. Our bodies need to be well-rested at times and it's our duty to help them out a bit. 

    Well, Im going to share my five daily sleeping aids which I use daily. It's pretty easy and not some complicated formula, dont worry ladies. I will guide...

  • Reasons why you have frizzy curls and how to tame them!

    How to tame frizzy curls
    So, ladies, I see you have come across the frizzy beast of the hair kingdom. Don’t be afraid, we at Majesticurl will give you the skills to fight this off.
    Your curls may be a bit of a rascal, rebellious, and rowdy. However, their tenacity can often bring them into trouble. Curls left alone (and dehydrated) may rapidly devolve into unruly frizz if you're not cautious. They are all over the place without a solid definition. And the more you attempt to tame them, the more vehemently they retaliate. It appears like you are dealing with a full-fledged frizz tantrum. Take a chill pill, sweetie. We will take care of the rest.
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