Majesticurl - Our StoryMajesticurl was created to serve as a daily staple providing both luxury and long-term benefits especially for curly hair.

Keshiya, a curly girl and a DIYer, spends most of her free time researching on curly hair, trying new products or just under the hair dryer on wash days (those who have curly hair know the struggle). Her first hair bonnet was a DIY from a scrap satin fabric and it did nothing but taming the frizz until she found a pure silk bonnet. It was a game changer for her. A lot less frizz, shinier hair and less split ends.

Once she started using a Mulberry silk pillowcase, it was even better since it takes care of hair and skin both. That’s how the first idea came to live to spread this little magic to everyone.

Curly hair is naturally dry and it needs more love than straight hair. Rather than pulling moisture away like traditional pillowcases, our 100% silk pillowcases help retain moisture and keeping your skin and hair cool and hydrated all night long. What's more is they won't absorb your creams and serums so they can sink deep into your skin as they're meant to do. 1/3 of the day you spend with your pillowcase and why not let it serve you better.

We've tested countless varieties of silk and found the very best to use for our sleep products. Unlike cheaper alternatives, we guarantee ours are the highest grade (6A) 22 momme pure mulberry silk. And unlike more expensive options, we ensure the absolute best quality and compromise nothing in our product to offer a fair price. Something else we've discovered in our testing is, most of the companies that claim to be the same quality feel noticeably cheap, thin and scratchy. Majesticurl guarantees our quality standards or 100% money back if you’re not satisfied.

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